Product Introduction

AGR600 is an advanced autonomous navigation and driving system composed of a navigation computer, an electronic steering wheel, and attitude sensors. lt simultaneously tracks Beidou. GPSand GLONASS satellite positioning signals, and relies on hich-precision measurement and control technology to achieve operation accuracy of ±2.5cm. lt can be widely used in various operation modes such as land preparation, ridging, sowing, plant protection, and harvesting.

System Composition

Product Features

  • Easy to install and operate

    Complete installation and debugging in 30min, easy to use and easy to learn.

  • One drone with multiple uses, serve the whole process of operation

    Suitable for various self-propelled agricultural machine operations, from land preparation, ridging, sowing, plant protection to harvesting, throughout the entire process

  • 10 minutes base station breakpoint continue flying

    Even if the base station signal is abnormal, it can still maintain the required accuracy for operation within 10 minutes.

  • Dual card and triple network, signal stable and worry free

    Standard dual card and three network confquration,intelligent switching ensures siagnal priorityselectionreduces siona blind spots. and ensures sional stabilityand worry free operation.

  • Various environments, smooth operation

    Suitable for various complex terrain conditions, driving steadily and smoothly on complex terrain conditions such as high speed, low speed, slopes and bumps, with an error of no more than+2.5cm.

  • Cloud connected, intelligent guidance

    Cloud connected, remote upgrade, remote assistance, effcient and convenient, improving after-sales effciency, no need for customers to wait.

Product Effectiveness

Product Pictures

  • Steering wheel

  • Attitude sensor

  • Steering wheel motor

  • Attitude sensor wire

  • Screen

  • Antenna

  • Monitor Bracket

  • Antenna bracket

  • Bus

  • Antenna Connection Wire