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    For products purchased through formal channels such as AGR authorized distributors/partners, users who purchase terminal products for self-use rather than resale and that meet the provisions of these after-sales service terms will be provided by AGR after-sales service, including returns and exchanges. warranty service. The product includes the product's complete machine, system, module, component and so on.

Product description

  • A22 RTK Agriculture Drone

  • A16 2020 Agriculture Drone

  • Q10 2020 Agriculture Drone

  • A6 2020 Agriculture Drone

User experience

  • Character interview: 66-year-old man gao caixing talks about agriculture drones

  • How does the agriculture drone let the agricultural store to drive the sales of pesticides

  • Character interview: Agr academy instructor ertao zheng

  • For the Dream to Start

Training video

  • Base Station Erection And Use

  • Charger - Use of the

  • Battery - Maintenance Upper Cover Replacement

  • Generator - Install and use