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  • Three Guarantees Policy

    Quality Assurance Service Commitment

    1. Quality assurance commitment within the validity period of three guarantees

    1) Within the validity period of the three guarantees, the following conditions can be met, and the user can replace the drone parts with the three guarantees voucher and the purchase invoice to the dealer of Hangzhou Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.

    a. If the central control, GPS and other modules have non-human quality problems, you can replace the new module. 

    b. If the drone cannot be used normally due to non-human anomalies in the power system, it can be replaced with a new one within 7 days of purchase.

    2) Warranty period of main parts: See "Parts Warranty Period Table" for details.

    2.  Warranty Period Quality Assurance Commitment

    During the warranty period of the whole drone, non-human quality problems occur in the drone purchased by the user will be inspected and repaired by the service provider of Hangzhou Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.

    a. Each maintenance time exceeds 7 days (the time occupied by the road is not within the maintenance time), when the user is provided with a standby drone.

    b. Maintenance time definition: from the time when the user and the after-sales department of Hangzhou Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. determine the maintenance (subject to the signing of the mandate letter by both parties) to the time when the maintenance is completed (subject to the issuing time of the maintenance certificate), a maintenance time is less than 24 hours, which is calculated as one day.

    Special note: The time occupied by the following situations is not included in the repair project maintenance time:

    a. Time taken up by drone maintenance. 

    b. The time that the drone stays at the service provider when the maintenance is completed due to the user's reasons. 

    c. The time taken to transport special parts.

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