We work out feasible plans for mass production in accordance with the need of corporate client.

Customize Spraying System

Our professional team for research and development of spraying system has successfully developed our own pressure and centrifugal nozzles, satisfying the need of different corporate clients.

Customize Outward Appearance

Shape and appearance are the face of the product. AGR designs products with unique appearance according to the need of different cients.

Customize The Management Platform

The powerful AGR cloud loT management system for plant-protection drones enables customers to design their own remote backstage management system either in mobile or in PC. The management and transition of data comply with relative laws in China.

Comprehensive Training Courses

Our training courses include operation training, maintenance training and the establishment of aftersales system.

  • Flight training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Aftersales System Establishment

Product Certification

Customers who have made their purchase will be offered with a full set of training courses, after which they will gain the capacity to operate drones and solve 90% of breakdown problems independently.

  • FCC certification
  • CE certification
  • CNAS Certification