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Company Introduction

The mission of AGR is to make plant protection easier, safer and more efficient.

Hangzhou Qifei intelligent technology co.,ltd. was established in 2015, is committed to the development and promotion of agricultural science and technology, is a high-end equipment supplier for the solution of plant protection drone, flight control system, RTK high precision navigation system, intelligent spray system, agriculture ioT, green prevention and control systems.

In 2018, Zhejiang Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established. It is located in China Geographic Information Town, Zhejiang Geographic Information Industry Park, and is the permanent site of the United Nations Geographic Information Management Forum. As the operation center and production base of AGR, Zhejiang Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd has more than 150 employees.

AGR will vest drones a higher scientific and technological mission, replace people with machines, and promote the development of smart agriculture.


    • 2015-12

      Hangzhou Qifei intelligent technology co., ltd was established

    • 2016-12

      AGR Q10 agriculture drone breaks through 1,350 Ha spraying area for the first time

    • 2016-09

      AGR A10 series first-generation agriculture drone come out

    • 2016-07

      Yancheng Qifei Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. officially operated

    • 2016-04

      AGR agriculture drone training college was established in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, and AGR plant protection team was established in the same month

    • 2017-12

      AGR authorized agents (after-sales service points) exceeded 14 provinces, more than 150 counties and cities

    • 2017-07

      Launched the second-generation Q10 and A10 agriculture drones equipped with AGR's independently developed flight control 2.0

    • 2017-05

      AGR and Zhejiang University Institute of Medicine established a joint laboratory

    • 2018-11

      Invited to the United Nations World Congress of Information Geography

    • 2018-10

      AGR compact and portable A6, accurate and efficient A16 series of agriculture drones were launched simultaneously, breaking through the bottleneck of the drone industry and filling

    • 2018-08

      Brand upgrade, AGR released a new brand logo, AGR will target customer's needs and promote agriculture drones to be more intelligent

    • 2018-01

      Making overall arrangement for domestic market and trying to build up overseas markets

    • 2019-12

      A breakthrough month, AGR independently developed the flight control system AG3, agriculture drones A16 2020, Q10 2020, A6 2020 appeared successively, and held the AGR new product

    • 2019-07

      Actively expand extension functions: sowing, dusting, seeding, misting ect

    • 2019-02

      A16 becomes the first model to pass the new industry standard of agriculture drone detection

    • 2020-11

      AGR launched 22L large load A22 RTK agriculture drone which was equipped with AGR AG3 PRO flight control system, achieving two major functions of spraying and spreading, realizing

    • 2020-08

      AG3 Pro agricultural flight control system was successfully developed with motherboard integrated design and multi-module integration, achieving long-term flight stability and per

    • 2021-02

      A new generation of spreader came out, 360° omnidirectional spreading, achieving more accurate and more efficient operation efficiency

    Various Domestic and Foreign Authoritative Certifications

    R&D Team

    AGR has an independent high-quality research and development team, research and development personnels are from the Aerospace Group's professional research institutes, military enterprises, the University of Science and Technology of China and other scientific research institutes and universities, with nearly 10 years of industry experience. Independently developed software and hardware such as flight control system, RTK high-precision navigation system, intelligent spraying system, IP67 protection, intelligent battery, FPV, etc. make the launch of intelligent agriculture drone simple, durable and easy to maintain.

    • Gather Industry Talents
    • Efficient and Focused Operation
    • Many Invention Patents
    • Core Components R&D
    • Safe and Reliable Products

    AGR Drone Design Process

    After many years of cooperation and continuous technology innovation, AGR has received high evaluation

    Scientific Production

    • Intelligent Workshop
    • International Standard
    • Multiple Factory Inspection
    • Safe Production Assembly
    • Intelligent Supply Chain

    Check important components and stick to professional quality

    WITH Intelligent production workshop and international production standards, AGR always discipline ourselves with high standards, refinement and professionalism. From each component to each process, multiple factory inspections are performed to achieve the entire process management from assembly to landing, to provide customers with the simplest and most durable agriculture drone