Agent Recruitment

Cooperation for the Future

Since the first AGR plant protection drone flew out of the factory in 2015, the philosophy of "people-oriented" has been implanted into the belief of AGR. From design、manufacturing、sales and after-sales service,we try our best to provide intelligent and safe protection for users, with excellent humanized technology and unique flight experience.

New Agent Application


  • Investors should love the plant protection business and the AGR brand, and truly regard the sales and service business of the plant protection drone as a lifelong career.
  • A good location and reasonable size of vacant land or convertible building that can be used for the construction of AGR brand stores.
  • It has sufficient initial capital for the establishment of the store and working capital for the subsequent operation, as well as good credit status and financing ability.
  • Recruitment plans and programs for the core management team or existing core management team are in place.


  • Submit Information

    Submit Application Information

  • Information Check

    Check the Submitted Information

  • Potential Agent

    After the approval, you will become a potential agent, and AGR will further communicate with you by phone/email

  • Contract Review and Signing

    After reaching cooperation intention through communication, negotiate the content of the contract and sign the contract

  • Become AGR Agent

    After formally becoming an agent, we will arrange specialists to contact specific cooperation matters with you